Losers like me, are the coolest you can find

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Hi I'm izzy. I am a total Klainer, Starkid, Potter head... You know the drill. I Promise i'm nice. and will probably be around most of the time (UK time zone) Darren and Chris are my babies and i have a soft spot for Tyler Oakley, jack and Finn, Dan and Phill. also Doctor Who, Sherlock and Middle Earth... am i done?
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only 100 in 5 weeks

man her game is weak

That’s 100 episodes in 35 days.

That’s 2.8 episodes a day.

I’ve had casual watching more intensive than that.

*tumblr collectively laughs*

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Kurt and Blaine take it upon themselves to spy on Rachel’s new boyfriend. getting themselves into more trouble then needed by going about their mission by hiding in bushes and sneaking into the office he works at. Despite what Rachel keeps telling them, they bot feel they need to be looking out for her. 

Rachel finally confronts them and tells them that she is not a delicate flower that needs her friends to make sure her decisions in men are okay.

Yes I’m left-handed, but from where I’m sitting, so are you. 

Asker Anonymous Asks:
I wasn't that far *clears throat*. So you're... 15 or 23? o.o (or you can tell me to shut up if you don't want to say...)
keep-calm-and-klaine keep-calm-and-klaine Said:

15 so now you know Mr/ Mrs Stalker Person

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  • Augustus: so your name is four
  • Tobias: yeah
  • Augustus: you could say it's a metafour
  • Tobias: will you stop
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I don't think of myself as being a stalker, but I did do some research through your blog to find that information.:) Was I at least close for your age or...?
keep-calm-and-klaine keep-calm-and-klaine Said:

nope you were out by 4 years :)


i feel as if i’m the only person who still hasn’t seen frozen

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Asker mraxpdf Asks:
my idea of perfect boyfriend is blaine.
keep-calm-and-klaine keep-calm-and-klaine Said:

well i would find it annoying if my boyfriend wouldn’t shut up about his best friend ever Kurt. hehe

Asker Anonymous Asks:
I'm sorry if I get some things wrong, but here it goes. Your name is Isobel? But you seem to be known more as Izzy on tumblr, I have no idea how old you are... 19? You're a female. Have no idea of what is your sexual orientation, sorry. I tempted to say you're British, but I could be very wrong. Are you single? You like Klaine (easy one). Dislikes Umbridge? You've been attacked by horses not so long ago. I really hope none of this offend you o_o Have a good evening! :)
keep-calm-and-klaine keep-calm-and-klaine Said:

Wow that was REALLY ACCURATE. o.o i’m scared i have a stalker now. hehe. one thing you got wrong was my age but i don’t blame you for that one. :)