Losers like me, are the coolest you can find

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Hi I'm izzy. I am a total Klainer, Starkid, Potter head... You know the drill. I Promise i'm nice. and will probably be around most of the time (UK time zone) Darren and Chris are my babies and i have a soft spot for Tyler Oakley, jack and Finn, Dan and Phill. also Doctor Who, Sherlock and Middle Earth... am i done?

Ugh can there be MORE reasons that I don’t want to see a post on Facebook? How about. It’s insulting religion? Or it’s someone’s opinion that can be on Facebook but I disagree with the opinion and therefore I don’t want to see it.




I hate when the media makes The Hunger Games look like a battle for love. Get your bullshit fantasies away. This is about murder, over powered government, and a girl trying to change the way things are. News flash not every girls fantasy is to find true love.

the irony here is that our media is doing exactly what the Capitol did in the books; downplaying the murder, focusing on the bullshit love story

That’s not irony, that’s just plain scary

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klainehiatuschallenge day 40 - favorite thing other characters said about klaine

Okay, well, stop me if you don’t want my opinion.

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I sometimes think “wow I got sucked into this fandom pretty hard” and it’s not till I visit a blog that’s constantly getting asks, breaking up an argument or debating the latest rumors, that I realize how much of an outsider I really am. I’m actually pretty out of the loop.

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The bomb is dropped

The kittens sort of soften the blow.

this is the shittiest post ever. please unfollow me if you agree with this post also shame on OP for using cute kittens for this garbage post

not sure what it is exactly that makes this post so shitty? Because it’s promoting actual equality? instead of saying that you can call everyone else shit because you are part of an oppressed party you can say you are equal to them doesn’t exactly sound like a shitty idea to me.

BOOM. So many people on this website need to read this twice, let it sink in and then read it again.

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Mmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmm mmmmmmm MOCKINgJAY

Does anyone else to the thing where when someone has made a stupid comment on a post that has thousands of note, you go to their page to see if they have finally deleted their blog because of all the comments coming in  constantly reminding them how stupid that comment really was…

They don’t know him! x x

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